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Signs & Symptoms that your Pet needs to see a Chiropractor...

What We Treat...

We treat biomechanical dysfunctions of the spine and limbs, whether it is poor joint motion, alignment or a problem with muscle or ligaments.


These dysfunctions cause abnormal function, nerve interference symptoms, and inflammation.


Chiropractors refer to the improper alignment and poor motion as a subluxation.

What causes the problem?

Restricted joint motion, or subluxations, can be caused by many factors. Some are related to acute trauma or repetitive asymmetric movement patterns, while others are caused by developmental problems, transitional areas of the spine, and the unavoidable degeneration that occurs with aging.

If the problem becomes bad enough, the inflammation and joint structures can begin to compress the nerves or the blood supply to the nerves that exit the spinal column and even compress the spinal cord itself.


The neurological effects can range from something as benign as a slight limp or weakness to decreased balance and muscular strength to incontinence and complete neurological paralysis.

What to expect...

We will assess your pet for improper movement and alignment of the spine and extremities, along with orthopedic and neurological testing to help diagnose his/her underlying problem.


 Treatment varies depending on the condition but frequently includes gently adjusting the spine and extremities to restore proper motion and alignment.


This helps to naturally restore natural joint mobility, which in turn helps to improve range of motion, restore proper biomechanics, decrease inflammation and improve nervous system function. 


The treatment may also include massage, fascial release, acupuncture, acupressure, stretching and exercise prescription. 

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