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At Rosenberg Chiropractic Clinic, we believe chiropractic care can help everyone live better and healthier lives; our philosophy is true to chiropractic in the sense that we always look first to the spine when addressing your particular issue.

We take great pride in providing the most professional and clinical care for all our patients and work with your Medical Doctor to help provide the most patient-centered care possible.

We also implement and encourage responsible active care from our patients, which may involve exercise, goal setting, and corrective movement patterns. 

Conditions treated at Rosenberg Chiropractic Clinic

We use a variety of non-surgical treatments to treat patients with certain types of:

  • Lower back pain and/or leg pain (sciatica)

  • Neck pain

  • Repetitive strains

  • Headaches

  • sports injuries

  • Car accident injuries

  • Arthritic pain


While primarily focusing on treating neuromusculoskeletal disorders, we are not exclusively limited to problems with the nervous system and musculoskeletal system.

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