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Dan Tsatsos

I've gone to a couple of chiropractors over the years and Paul and his staff are really amazing. Paul is a great doctor who really knows what he is doing and knows how to treat his patients. I also love the fact that I don't have to search for parking and pay for parking because it's free and there is plenty.

Grace Beckwith

Myself, my husband and our dog are patients of the clinic. Our dog has recovered from a strained cruciate TWICE under the care of these doctors and has avoided ACL surgery TWICE. I have suffered from lower back pain for years and it was, in fact, our dog that introduced me to the wonderful healing of chiropractic. We are forever indebted to the Rosenbergs.

Andrea Zinn

I've been going there for about 40 years, first with Dr. Leo, then with Dr. Paul. My appointments help my body and my morale!

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