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Animal Acupuncture
Dr Paul is Ontarios only chiropractor trained in animal acupuncture, other people we respect include:

East York Animal Clinic, 416-757-3569,
Royal York Animal Hospital, 416-231-9293,
Dr. Rona Sherebrin at the Secord Animal Hospital, 416-486-1700,
Dr. P. Brar, 416-953-4781
Animal Underwater Treadmill or Swimming Rehab 
Canine Wellness, 57 Byng Avenue,, 416-690-1077

Veterinary Emergency Hospital, Mississauga location,,  905-829-9444 
FitDogs, 227 Broadview Ave,,  416-929-9287
ARC, 920 Yonge St,, 416-964-9346

Paws Swim Therapy in Alliston

Bailey's Place, self-directed swim rehab and exercise for dogs
Luv my K9's, Georgetown, 905-873-9959

Southern Ontario Animal Rehab, Burlington, #5 - 850 Legion Rd, 905-961-7627

Animal Massage Therapy
Heather Johnston,, 905-301-4064
Pennie Jackson,, 905-936-3647
Corina Grecu,, 647-202-9572

Bev Spotton

Erit Zaid of K9EQ Massage Therapy

Custom Orthopedic Braces 
Pawsability. Pet Orthoses and Braces for 
weakness and instability, Janice O,
Molly B. of Canadian Animal Rehab Services in Mount Albert,  1-800-678-9291

Carla M. of Appletree Orthotic Services in Oakville,


Doggie Central    
This is an indoor dog park, offering free play, daycare, wash stations, boutique,
and spa.


Paws en Route

This is Uber for Your dog! Don't have time to bring your dog in for needed treatment, Paws on Route will gladly pick them up, bring them for treatment, then bring them home.

Benny Bullys    
These are 
very popular dog and cat treats - haven't met a dog yet that would refuse a Benny Bully. One ingredient - dried beef liver, could it be any simpler?

Truepurechoice Treats by Nature

Naturally are dog treats made from locally sourced, human grade ingredients.

Wholesome Canine

I strongly recommend the Haqihana harnesses they sell - Minimal gait disrup by allowing full shoulder motion.

Canine nutrition and behaviour specialists in Toronto's west end.

Healthy Paws 

features a holistic pet nutritionist, Delia Lo Porto, or 416-741-0913

Buddy Belts

A superior harness to prevent neck problems


Dog Training:
K9 Kustom Solutions,
Swansea Dog Obedience Club,
Good Dog Training, Valerie Ivak,  416-839-1490
DogSmart Training in Bradford, Karin Apfel,  905-775-9189

Dog Daycare, Sitting, and Walking

Marie Nardella at

Cat Training (Yes, you read that correctly!)
Happy Kitty, Claudette Nita,   647-210-6850

Veterinary Housecall Services: 

Dr. Chris Hickman,  416-700-3293
Dr. Maria Parente, 647-707-3192

Toronto Mobile Vet Service, 647-389-4838


Clip your pet's nails yourself!
Nail clipping video demo by Dr. Leslie Woodcock

Etobicoke Humane Society
Toronto Animal Services


Education / Associations
American Veterinary Chiropractic Association,
College of Animal Chiropractors,                            
Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre,                
Options for Animals,                                              
College of Chiropractic of Ontario,                           
Canadian Chiropractic Association,                         
Ontario Chiropractic Association,                            
College of Veterinarians of Ontario,                         
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College,
International Veterinary Acupuncture Society,

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