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What to Expect at Pets in Motion

As a certified animal chiropractor and Ontario's only chiropractor trained in animal acupuncture, it is my privilege to become part of the relationship you already have with your veterinarian. 


You do not need a referral from your veterinarian to bring your pet to us, but we will work directly with your vet to ensure your pet has the absolute best patient-centred care as possible. This co-management has allowed us to be well integrated with the veterinary network throughout the GTA. 

Initial Visit

Your pet receives a thorough physical examination when first arriving at Pets in Motion; consisting of history, gait analysis, neurological exam, and biomechanical exam. The exam may also include thermographic imaging by using a special camera to look for excess heat, a sign of inflammation, or colder areas, indicating a decreased blood flow. We may request X-rays from your veterinarian, too. We then provide a diagnosis and discuss treatment options. 

Acute Care

All pets will injure themselves at one point or another. They may start limping, refuse to walk up stairs, or stop playing with their favorite toys. In more serious cases, they may even lose function of their hind legs.  Many of these conditions are the result of dysfunctional joints in the spine and extremities causing inflammation, nerve irritation, and muscle spasm.

Wellness Care

Our pet's health is the result of how we care for them in the long term. Prevention is always the best treatment. Many of the conditions requiring medications and surgery, such as arthritis, cruciate tears and disc herniations can actually be prevented with owner education and chiropractic maintenance treatments. In fact, many of our geriatric pet patients live far beyond their average life expectancy.

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