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Winston, age 6. When we met him last month he had 20 days of severe neck pain. It was the third such episode in 4 months and this time steroids and painkillers were doing nothing.


He was destined for spinal surgery until luckily a friend referred him to us.


Upon examination, we determined his C5-6 disc was super inflamed and compressing his left brachial plexus. 6 chiropractic adjustments later and Winston is totally pain-free and off all his meds.

Winston had severe neck pain..jpg

Stu, age 8 months. When we met him he was having serious difficulty walking on his rear legs. He was putting nearly all his body-weight on his front legs which were beginning to constantly shake.


A veterinary neurologist suggested an MRI and surgery was his only option after his symptoms just got worse after months of medication. Upon examination, we determined he had a significant issue affecting his L5-7 vertebra and his sacrum.


Today his owners are absolutely amazed at his recovery!  He's up and down stairs for the first time in month, and is finally acting like their kitten again

Stu had rear end weakness.jpg

Rocky, age 13. When he was referred in he had 3 days of extreme neck pain. He was on painkillers and NSAIDS but still could not put his head down or shake-off.


Upon examining his neck, we identified a structural issue at his C4-5 vertebrae. After his first adjustment, he shook-off for the first time in 3 days.


At his follow-up, his owner says he's been doing amazing and has been an active little one-eyed dog since.

Rocky had extreme neck pain for days.jpg

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