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How are you?!

We care for people. We look at their needs individually. We care for patients that are having a problem with their spine, extremities, or organs. Individuals whose spinal problems cause irritation to the spinal nerves or spinal cord. The change in spinal motion and alignment and the effect on the nerves is called a spinal subluxation. These nerve problems hurt the function of whichever cell, tissue or organ the nerve go to. These spinal problems imbalance the information going up to or down from the brain. The imbalances decrease your bodies ability to cope with stress.

The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, spinal nerves, and the autonomic nervous system (the nerve connections to the organs). The nervous system controls virtually every cell, tissue and organ in the body, either directly or via control of the hormonal system. The system can be broken down into sensory and motor components, sensory bringing information from the body up to the brain for processing or motoric bringing messages down to the muscles or organs tell them to do something.

Some simple examples are a spinal subluxation causing foot numbness because messages from sensory nerves starting in the foot don’t properly get up to the brain, or hip muscle tightness because messages don’t get from the brain to the hip properly. Other examples can be an upper neck problem increasing blood pressure, or a pelvic subluxation causing incontinence. Regardless of the symptom, we try to correct the cause of the problem, the subluxation, allowing the body to heal.

So when we ask “How are you?” we want a full answer, not just “I’m fine”. We want to know all your minor problems because they might tell us which parts of the spine and nervous system to focus on. We might not be able to help, not all problems are from nerve dysfunction from spinal problems. However, if the problem is spine related, treating you can make you as healthy as you can be. And that is what we want for you!

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