Functional measurements guide treatment choices for better health

Your autonomic nervous system controls your heart, lungs, blood pressure, digestion… We can agree that proper control of your organs is very important. How do you know if your nervous system is keeping you really healthy? Measure its function!

Your heart is a muscle. It's rhythm of beating is very strongly influenced by the balance within the nervous system. When imbalanced, your heart will speed up, slow down, or just not beat properly. These specific changes can be heard with a stethoscope, seen on a pulse monitor, and graphed on an EKG. We use heart measurements to gauge imbalances in the nervous system, even if heart problems aren't your main complaint. Why then do we use the heart? Because it is easy to measure.

Some imbalances are from the thoracic spine, some are from the neck, and some are brain changes. We are trained how to examine you, assessing what spinal problems are interfering your with nervous systems balance. We are trained to treat the spine and nervous system with chiropractic adjustments and exercises designed to help restore proper balance and health.

We traditionally look at gait, posture, ranges of motion, static and motion palpation, assessing strength, sensation, and reflexes. We have also added the extra level of diagnostic precision by testing your autonomic nervous system to benefit more people more completely.

Bottom line for you? Great health!

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